K-8 Mission/Vision Statement:‚Äč

We are committed to the support of families and students in meeting rigorous academic standards, to promoting experiential, life-long learning skills, and to building a unique learning community, which recognizes that parental involvement and partnership in education are critical for student success.  

Our goal is to provide all students with a challenging, technology and arts infused curriculum, which emphasizes critical thinking skills and practical applications through student-centered instructional delivery methods that engage the mind and meet the unique learning needs of individual students. We are committed to promoting academic excellence, accountability, character development, and the personal responsibility of each student for their own education. Graduates of the Whitmore Charter School of Technology are prepared to enter the 21st Century as self-motivated, independent, critical thinkers and decision makers who understand how to use technology as a valuable tool for learning, creativity and productivity, and who recognize that education is a life-long process.

High School Mission/Vision Statement

The mission of Whitmore Charter High School is to provide students and their parents the opportunity to create a customized educational plan. The student, the parent or guardian, and the Advisory Teacher work in partnership to develop a unique learning plan utilizing a wide range of innovative instructional modes. This plan is based on the student’s interests, abilities, and educational goals. Graduates of Whitmore Charter High School will be self-motivated, independent, critical thinkers and decision makers, who recognize that education is a life-long process, and who continue their adult lives with vision, passion, creativity and positive productivity. WCHS graduates will be prepared to successfully enter post-secondary education or the workforce.

Our Motto:

"Our family working with your family!"